Vanton Pumps Launder Money for the Federal Government

Two Vanton Sump-Gard Model SG-PY300 were installed at the Fort Worth, Texas Mint to pump inking process rinse water.

Vanton Sump-Gards were chosen by Harold Covert, Staff Engineer at the Bureau of Engraving & Printing. Harold spent 30 years in CPI before Joining the Bureau. For the past three years he has worked with two engineering firms. He insisted on Sump-Gards for the rinse water sumps.

In the printing process, ink is applied to rollers in ample quantiles. Excess ink is removed by wiper rollers. These wiper rollers are cleaned with spray wash containing caustic soda. The rinse water drains to a common sump where the Sump-Gards lift the fluid to the waste treatment plant.

The old saying, “There’s money to be made”, has more than one meaning for Vanton Pump & Equipment Corp.