Texas Instruments’ Direct Product Flush Pumps

Bob Reynolds of Texas Instruments has installed four sets of Vanton pumps for wastewater collection and distribution to the pretreatment plant. Three sets are CG-1200’s and one set is of CG-2400’s.

Bob wanted to ensure the continual supply of clean seal cooling water with no chance that operators would disconnect the water. To do this, the pumps were equipped with Direct Product Flush clamp nuts.

The 1/4″ seal water hose from the pump discharge is connected to a wall mounted PVC through put pipe system, 30″ x 15″. A 30 mesh (1/64°) Y strainer in the pipe system removes any particles from the seal cooling water. A redundant Y strainer was added to each pumps seal cooling water system to protect against Y-strainer plugging. The y strainers are cleaned monthly.

Process water drains into 750-gallon tanks which supply the pumps. Bob is especially pleased with his system and the Vanton’s on the wafer back-grind wastewater system. Silicon wafers are ground to tolerances. Process wash water removes ground silica particles which drain to the pump supply tank. These fine silica particles end up in the seal cooling water supply loop and would surely etch the seal faces were it not for Bob’s 30 mesh Y strainers. He brags that these pumps have been online for two years without a seal failure. The pumps cycle every 6 – 10 minutes.