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CG-PY2400 Frequency Control

Pump Points 3-13-92 R. E. Merrill and Assoc. Inc. Frequency control use with CG-PY2400 Texas Instruments installed two CG-PY2400 pumps on a 1,000-gallon variable flow process waste tank. The flow rates of which, from microprocessor clean rooms, vary with production demands. The design criteria called for a continuously operating pump as opposed to a stop/start […]

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City of Waco Installed its first Flex-I-liner Pump

The city of Waco, TX installed its first Flex-I-liner pump at the Mt Carmel Treatment plant in 1994.  The Brazos River provides raw water to this plant.  The model CC-PY30 pumps alum into the primary contactor clarifier.  The pump operates 24 hours per day and is regulated by an operator who monitors turbidity and opens […]

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Elderly Pumps Spark Inspiration

  In 1992 Sharon Brady, a design engineer for Utility Engineering, witnessed a rare site at an Asarco copper smelting plant.  She saw two Vanton SG-PY1200D pumps from 1975 quietly operating.  These 72″ long pumps, S/N S-3595 had run for a long time with little reward or appreciation. Sharon Brady appreciated these pumps and installed […]

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