Kaneka’s First Vanton Sump Pumps

Kaneka Texas, a petrochemical manufacturer in Pasadena, TX, first inquired about a Sump-Gard pump in March of 1991. They started looking at Vanton’s sump pumps because of problems with their existing vertical pumps corroding in a 20′ diameter neutralization basin. In this application the plant waste streams enter the sump and are neutralized for discharge to their pretreatment plant.


In August of 1993, Kanaka sent an order for one SG-PY1200. Once the order was released, Kanaka requested that the pump be expedited, and air freighted to meet construction deadlines. Vanton shipped the pump in four weeks, despite a heavy production backlog in the factory.


As Vanton Pump salesmen we are confident in Vanton’s quality and production speed. To balance the equation, it’s up to us to stay with the customer until the order is released. In this case that meant pursuing the order through three different engineers assigned to the project year to year, along with the maintenance and purchasing departments. These efforts were all well worth it as Vanton delivered, and Kaneka asks for Vanton pumps by name to this day.