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Solving Problems with Precoat Metals

Precoat Metals, Houston, Tx, a supplier of coated roll steel, operates an SGH-PY200 in the waste treatment plant. In 1990, the maintenance manager contacted our office about a pump for lime slurry. Lime slurry is injected into the waste treater as a neutralizer. Operating in this service was a progressing cavity type pump running at […]

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Kaneka’s First Vanton Sump Pumps

Kaneka Texas, a petrochemical manufacturer in Pasadena, TX, first inquired about a Sump-Gard pump in March of 1991. They started looking at Vanton’s sump pumps because of problems with their existing vertical pumps corroding in a 20′ diameter neutralization basin. In this application the plant waste streams enter the sump and are neutralized for discharge […]

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