Vanton Chem-Gard Pumps in Alaska

BJ Services, an oil field acidizing and cementing well service company with headquarters in Houston, TX. Operates a field office at Dead Horse Camp, Prudhoe Bay, Alaska.

In 1990 five Vanton CG-KY1200 pumps were installed in a modular acid mixing plant fabricated in Houston and shipped to Alaska. After two years of services in the harshest of remote locations, it’s still thumbs up for Vanton Chem-Gards.

Two of the pumps are fitted with Halar impellers for HCL and Xylene service. The pumps are located indoors but the fluid temperature when it hits the pump could be as low as -60° F because it is stored in outdoor tanks.

Two of the pumps are the workhorses of the entire system. BJ Engineers elected not to purchase mixing tank mixers. Instead, they operate two CGs as mixing and transport loading pumps. And these pumps get a workout. The BJ System was designed for 3-4 batches per week, however due to a fire at a competitor’s plant and high demands in the winter of 1991, BJ was producing 3-4 batches per day!

Even at the poles of the earth Vanton Pumps are money making performers!