Elderly Pumps Spark Inspiration


In 1992 Sharon Brady, a design engineer for Utility Engineering, witnessed a rare site at an Asarco copper smelting plant.  She saw two Vanton SG-PY1200D pumps from 1975 quietly operating.  These 72″ long pumps, S/N S-3595 had run for a long time with little reward or appreciation.

Sharon Brady appreciated these pumps and installed two new Vanton Sump-Gards in a demineralizer waste sump at another client’s plant. peaking about the other client she said, “They have had so many problems with their sump pumps, I’m glad to find one that will last.” This gave us a chance to brag on four SG’s at City Public Service plant in San Antonio that were also installed in the mid 70’s.

Albert Camus wrote that “artists (are) faithful to the principle that in art the pursuit of the new can take place only in an old setting.” It appears that engineers can be inspired in an “old setting” as well.