City of Waco Installed its first Flex-I-liner Pump

The city of Waco, TX installed its first Flex-I-liner pump at the Mt Carmel Treatment plant in 1994.  The Brazos River provides raw water to this plant.  The model CC-PY30 pumps alum into the primary contactor clarifier.  The pump operates 24 hours per day and is regulated by an operator who monitors turbidity and opens and closes a pump discharge flow valve according to demands.  The pump operates at 3 gpm and 10 psi with a bypass line.

On the recommendations of the Mt. Carmel plant, the Riverside plant in Waco purchased its first CC-PY30 for the same application.  Natural rubber liners have been shipped to Waco as alternatives to the Neoprene liners currently in use.  The Neoprene liners were lasting three weeks.

It was suggested that future applications be XB units with DC drives and controllers.  Operator control would be through the motor speed instead of through the throttle valve.