Victor Pumps is a company specializing in the design and manufacture of positive displacement pumps, specifically focusing on two main product lines: S-Series self-priming centrifugal pumps and R-Series internal gear pumps.

The R-Series pumps are highlighted for their ability to handle a wide range of fluid viscosities, temperatures, and chemical compositions, making them suitable for applications involving corrosive, abrasive, and environmentally sensitive liquids. These pumps are utilized in various industries for tasks such as transfer, dosing, processing, loading, and unloading. Victor Pumps emphasizes the smooth, pulsation-free operation of their R-Series pumps, which minimizes wear on system components and reduces issues like foaming.

The company emphasizes its commitment to innovation and customization, offering a range of options for materials, seals, heating arrangements, and port orientations to meet specific application requirements. Victor Pumps also provides ATEX-certified pumps for use in potentially explosive atmospheres, demonstrating their focus on safety and compliance.

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