Vanton, the pump you’d buy if there were no salespeople.

Name two things these Texas towns have in common:­ Amarillo, Lubbock, Brownfield, Mary Neal, San Angelo, Del Rio, El Paso.


  1. They are all in the extreme western part of the state, hundreds of miles from the nearest industrial centers of Dallas, Austin/San Antonio, and Houston.


  1. In these towns Vanton pumps have operated for many years virtually unattended.


Pumps in these towns operate in plants whose headquarters are often in the industrial hubs. These are recognizable firms such as Texas Instruments, General Electric, B. J. Services, Texas Cement, and Phelps Dodge. Drawing on operational experience, these firms installed Vanton pumps in Texas towns where servicemen and locally inventoried spares are as rare as standing rainwater. Why were Vanton pumps chosen? Reliability!


If you ask George Cole of Texas Instruments, Lubbock, Texas about his eight Vanton Sump-Gard pumps. He will tell you these pumps are “near as ole as I am, but runnin’ better.”


Mark Olsberg of BJ Services, who installed two Chem-Gard pumps at a well service camp in Brownfield, will tell you about the Vanton pumps at camps in Canada, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, California, and Alaska. Some of these camps are in “ear shot” of servicemen and salesmen but most of them are as remote as the acid rack at Dead Horse Camp, Alaska.


Left to themselves without big city cajoling salesmen these engineers choose Vanton time and again. That’s why we say, “Vanton is the pump you’d choose if there were no salespeople.”