Simtech specializes in engineered corrosion-resistant fluid and air handling systems, primarily using engineered plastics. They provide a single-source solution for actuated valves, offering complete automation packages, including electric and pneumatic actuators, limit switches, and positioners. Their expertise extends to manual valves, with a wide selection of ball, butterfly, diaphragm, and check valves in various corrosion-resistant materials.

Beyond valves, Simtech offers pressure relief and regulation solutions, flow control devices and flow meters, and level control and measurement instruments. They cater to industries requiring high-purity systems, such as RODI water treatment and corrosive chemical handling. Simtech’s commitment to quality is evident in their in-house assembly and testing, ensuring compatibility with industry automation standards like AWWA, Modbus, and Profibus. They provide comprehensive service and support, including engineering, custom design, fabrication, training, and certification.

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