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Continental Progressing Cavity Ultrapump
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Vanton specializes in thermoplastic pumps engineered for handling corrosive, abrasive, and ultra-pure fluids. Since 1950, they have provided innovative solutions, from their pioneering Flex-I-Liner® rotary pumps to their robust CHEM-GARD® and SUMP-GARD® centrifugal pumps. Vanton offers a comprehensive range, including stand-alone pumps, integrated OEM systems, and pre-engineered Pump/Tank Systems. With a global reach and a commitment to rigorous testing and customer support, Vanton delivers reliable,
high-performance pumping solutions tailored to diverse industrial and municipal needs.


Grundfos is a leading global pump manufacturer committed to sustainability and customer satisfaction. They produce 16 million pumps annually, offering a diverse range including the DDA, DDC, DDE, DME, DDI, DMX, and DMH series with varying capacities and pressure ratings. These pumps feature advanced controls and functionalities, serving industries like water treatment and chemical processing. Grundfos strives to enhance quality of life and environmental health through innovative pump solutions.


DP Multi-Stage pumps

DP Pumps specializes in high-quality vertical multistage centrifugal pumps, ideal for diverse water transport needs. Their robust DPV series pumps feature durable stainless-steel construction and handle flows up to 850 GPM, heads up
to 1350 ft., and pressures up to 600 PSI

Customization is key, with options for motors, casings, and smart features like pressure measurement and bypass capabilities. Low NPSH models are available for improved performance. DP Pumps also offers DP Select Software for easy pump selection, comparison, and access to technical resources.


Continental Pump Company, established in 1946, specializes in manufacturing Progressive Cavity Pumps for diverse industries. Renowned for quality and customer service, they offer a wide range of pumps adept at handling abrasive,
shear-sensitive, and viscous fluids.

Their pumps, available as standalone units or complete systems are highly customizable to meet specific application needs. Continental Pump’s commitment to extensive service and support, coupled with a vast parts inventory, ensures minimal downtime and high customer satisfaction.


Vertiflo Pump Company specializes in industrial pumps for diverse sectors like textiles, manufacturing, and food processing. They offer a comprehensive range of pump styles, including vertical process, sewage, sump, vortex, and cantilever pumps, as well as horizontal end suction and self-priming models.

Vertiflo pumps are available in various sizes and materials like cast iron and stainless steel to handle a wide array of liquids and temperatures. The company prioritizes robust construction and features like external impeller adjustment for reliable,
long-lasting performance in demanding industrial applications.


Simtech is your single-source provider for corrosion-resistant fluid and air handling systems, specializing in engineered plastic solutions. They offer a comprehensive range of manual and actuated valves, including ball, butterfly, diaphragm, and check valves, along with automation components like actuators, positioners, and limit switches. Simtech also provides pressure relief and regulation solutions, flow control devices, and level measurement instruments, all engineered for high-purity and corrosive applications. Their expertise, combined with in-house assembly and testing, ensures reliable and efficient systems tailored to your specific needs.


Pompe Garbarino, founded in 1932 in Italy, is a world-leading manufacturer of centrifugal and positive displacement pumps. They specialize in providing custom solutions for marine, naval, and industrial applications, with over 450 pump models available. Their pumps are used in diverse settings, from ships (engine cooling, ballast) to industrial plants (water service, chemical processing, oil & gas). Pompe Garbarino is dedicated to quality and holds multiple certifications (ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, NATO AQAP 2110), ensuring high-performance and reliable products.


Pinnacle-Flo, Inc., based in Houston, Texas, manufactures high-quality industrial pumps for demanding applications. Their product line includes ANSI process pumps, self-priming pumps, air-operated double diaphragm pumps, and internal gear pumps, engineered for durability and efficiency. Serving industries from oil and gas to water treatment, Pinnacle-Flo provides tailored solutions, including custom pump design and complete skid packages. They are committed to customer satisfaction, offering expert technical support, comprehensive maintenance programs, and rapid response times.


Pemo Pumps, an Italian company founded in 1947, specializes in manufacturing custom-designed centrifugal pumps for heavy-duty applications. Their pumps excel in handling abrasive and corrosive slurries, serving diverse industries globally. With a production process entirely based in Italy, they offer vertical, horizontal, submersible, and multi-stage pump configurations, each tailored to client specifications. Pemo Pumps prioritizes understanding individual customer needs to deliver optimal solutions, ensuring high performance, longevity, and reduced maintenance. Their commitment to quality and continuous innovation has earned them a reputation as a trusted leader in the custom pump market.


GREENPUMPS specializes in sealless magnetic drive pumps for demanding industries like water treatment, chemical processing, and pharmaceuticals. Their pumps prioritize safety, efficiency, and environmental compliance, adhering to standards like the 1990 EPA Clean Air Act. They offer a diverse range of pumps, including alloy, stainless steel, and plastic options, with varying features like dry self-priming and high-temperature resistance. GREENPUMPS also provides specialized pumps and innovative solutions like their “Dry Run Protector” for enhanced operational reliability.


Walrus Pump, a leading Taiwanese brand since 1967, specializes in designing, developing, and manufacturing high-quality water pumps. With over five decades of experience, they are renowned for their rooftop booster pumps and offer a diverse range of industrial pumps, including coolant and vertical multistage centrifugal pumps. Committed to innovation and sustainability, Walrus utilizes advanced technology and eco-friendly materials in their rigorously tested products. Their dedication to “Better Life Through Innovation” solidifies their position as a trusted provider of water solutions worldwide.


Victor Pumps specializes in positive displacement pumps, offering S-Series self-priming centrifugal pumps and R-Series internal gear pumps. Their R-Series excels in handling diverse fluids, from viscous to corrosive, across a wide temperature range. These pumps are ideal for transfer, dosing, and processing applications, ensuring smooth, pulsation-free operation for reduced wear and tear. Victor Pumps prioritizes customization, providing various materials, seals, heating options, and ATEX certifications to meet specific needs and ensure safe operation in hazardous environments.