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Grundfos Dosing Systems

Dosing Systems

Complete Chemical-Feed Packaged Systems featuring the latest technology from Grundfos Dosing

Grundfos Packaged Systems

Did you know that your source for world-leading metering pump technology builds complete chemical feed systems? Grundfos systems are specifically designed to make its dosing technology available as a total package − with the same level of quality and reliability you expect and have come to depend upon from our individual dosing pumps.

Nationwide Network of Systems Builders

Grundfos has a nationwide network of authorized systems builders strategically located throughout the North American region. Grundfos packaged systems feature:

  • Digital Dosing™ technology
  • superior hydraulically activated diaphragm pump technology
  • a diverse range of premium metering pumps

In addition to standard packaged systems, Grundfos can build custom systems to your specifications. All systems are fully backed by Grundfos’ warranty and commitment to providing outstanding service.

Advantages of Grundfos Packaged Systems

You already know that Grundfos Dosing pumps deliver accurate metering of chemicals, proven reliability, and easy installation, priming, and calibration. So you can be assured that our packaged systems measure up to the same high standards. With Grundfos systems, you get:

  • flows from 0.00066 gph to 248 gph
  • the most advanced and dependable metering pump technology in the industry
  • systems builders who have more than 15 years experience designing and fabricating chemical metering systems
  • regional systems design and fabrication centers
  • a choice of standard, modified standard, and custom-designed systems


Custom-designed systems are tailored to your specific needs and applications:

  • Dimensions and connection locations
  • Choice of materials for skid fabrication
  • Accessories included within the system envelope
  • Filters
  • Containment systems
  • Electrical controls (optional UL-rated)
  • Portability features
  • Wall or floor mount
  • Tanks and mixers
  • Optional measurement and control instruments