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Continental CP Pump Model


CP Pump Model

CP Model progressive cavity pumps are great for low flow and viscous applications.  The simple design provides a compact pump that is light in weight with extended pump life and minimal routine maintenance.  It’s a lowcost pump with specific construction materials that are based off application requirements and many drive options.

Ideal for many kinds of cleaning, transferring, circulating, metering, filling, sprinkling, irrigating, sewage, water systems, washing, drainage, and spraying jobs.

The CP Model is a bare shaft pump with a mechanical seal.

•Operates with low costs and are compact making them ideal for light duty use.
•Mechanical seal sealing option and are constructed with horizontal suction housing.
•Continental Ultra Pumps offers an internal epoxy coating on the suction and discharge castings at an additional charge. The epoxy seals the cast iron from the material being pumped.
•The CPD Model is a bare shaft pump with Teflon packing.
•The CPM Model is a close coupled pump with a spec motor and mechanical seal.
•The CPML Model is a close coupled pump with standard motor and mechanical seal.

– All sealed pumps can be upgraded to an abrasive resistant seal if the application sees fit
– Suction housing options of horizontal or vertical are available for piping convenience.

– Each Model of CP pump can be configured to horizontal or vertical:
•CPM Threaded Single Phase
•CPM Pinned 3 Phase
•CPML Single Phase
•CPML 3 Phase