Lab Waste Sumps & Vanton, A sure Bet

Vanton Pumps are a sure bet for plant lab waste sump basins. Every plant has one or more R&D Chemical lab. Labs flush waste fluids of all sorts, making everyone a candidate for Vanton Sump-Gard or Prime-Gard pumps.


In 1991, the Koch Refinery Corpus Christi, TX lab replaced a ten-year-old PG-PY450 with a new unit. This pump was serviced once during its life. In July 1991, the GAF plant in Texas City, TX replaced one SG-PY300 in its lab waste sump. Installed in 1977, the Vanton alternating duplex pump station has operated without failure for 14 years. (Y=58″, 1800 rpm)


What more incentive did these plants need to update with new Vantons after such stellar performance? With records like these we have bragging rights in Texas and intend to spread the news to every plant laboratory.