Grundfos is a global leader in pump manufacturing, employing nearly 18,000 people and producing 16 million pumps annually. With 80 companies worldwide, they provide pumps for diverse applications, from supplying drinking water to supporting industrial processes.

The company emphasizes efficiency and sustainability, equipping its pumps with advanced electronics for output regulation and energy savings. Grundfos prioritizes research and development, incorporating customer feedback and cutting-edge technology to create user-friendly and reliable products.

Their product range includes the DDA, DDC, DDE, DME, DDI, DMX, and DMH series, each offering varying flow capacities and pressure ratings. These pumps feature various control options, including manual, pulse, and analog, along with functionalities like dosing monitoring, calibration, and fieldbus communication. Grundfos pumps find applications in industries such as water treatment, chemical processing, and agriculture, reflecting their commitment to improving quality of life and environmental health.

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