GREENPUMPS is a company specializing in the design and application of sealless magnetic drive pumps for various industries, including water treatment, pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical, and refineries.

Their pumps are engineered to meet stringent environmental regulations, including the 1990 EPA Clean Air Act, reflecting their commitment to “zero emission” and environmental preservation. They offer a range of pump series, including:

GPA: Alloy rotary vane pumps with dry self-priming capabilities.
GPTA: Alloy centrifugal turbine pumps for high head applications.
GPHV: Alloy oscillating piston positive displacement pumps for viscous fluids.
GPM: Centrifugal pumps available in both stainless steel (GPM.1 SS316) and injected molded plastic options.
GPT: Solid block plastic centrifugal turbine pumps.
GPC: Solid block plastic centrifugal pumps.

GREENPUMPS also offers specialized pumps, such as sanitary versions for hygienic applications and pumps with internal mechanical seals for high-temperature applications. Their focus on innovation is evident in their unique “Dry Run Protector,” a shaft power monitoring system that prevents pump damage by detecting dry running conditions.

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