Flex-I-Liner Pumps for F-16 Jets

Texstars Plastic, Grand Prairie, Tx, supplies aircraft cock­pit canopies to General Dynamics for the F-16 jet. Plastic injection molding and blow molding, form molded components for commercial planes such as the air condition ducts and wing tip light cap lens. Additionally, reliable coatings are critical for aircraft parts such as the cockpit canopy and the wing light lens caps which ensure pilot visibility and safety, as pressures and wind speeds that these molded parts endure are very high.


The lab at Texstars, LLC has operated the CC-T60 and 18 AM Flex-I-Liner pumps as acid transfer pumps since the early 1980’s. Originally, operations requested a low flow, controllable, and reliable pump to transfer canopy and lens cap coating materials. From this request we identified that they needed a corrosive resistant, seal-less pump with self-priming capabilities and Texstars discovered the solution in their own lab, the Vanton Flex-I-Liner pump.


With standards set high by the DOD, General Dynamics, and the physical demands of the aircraft, Texstars passed these standards of quality on to their suppliers and the Flex-I-Liner surpassed each performance test.