Flex-I-Liner at Mt. Carmel Water Treatment

Larry Walton, Mgr., Mt. Carmel Water Treatment Plant, Waco, Tx installed his first Vanton Flex-I-liner CC-P30/NR pump in August of 1992. After five months of service, he was convinced of the Flex-I-liner’ s performance and purchased a second pump.


These Flex-I-liner pumps transfer Alum to a height of three stories into a freshwater contact tank. Alum is then added to the Lake Waco water supply as a coagulant for solids removal. The application calls for 200 gpd alum. The CC-30 circulates continuously through a bypass valve. The higher flow rate “keeps the alum in motion preventing salt build up in Piping,” said Larry.


 The Flex-I-liner pump runs continuously (24 hrs./day). Previously, Larry had operated air operated diaphragm (AOD) pumps in this service. With a maintenance program of rebuilding the AOD pumps monthly. Larry looked around for an alternative. He says he has found the answer to the AOD maintenance routine in the Vanton Flex-I-liner pump.


Due to the potential of power failures, Larry thought he was stuck with keeping two AOD pumps and two Flex-I-liners. He was pleased to learn about the air powered Flex-I-liner pump as an alternative to the Air operated diaphragms.