DP Pumps is a company specializing in the design and manufacture of high-quality vertical multistage centrifugal pumps, specifically the DPV series. With 60 years of experience, they offer efficient solutions for various water transport applications.

Their pumps are known for their robust construction, featuring high-strength casting casings, stainless steel hydraulic assemblies, and durable shaft seals. They are capable of handling flows up to 850 GPM, heads up to 1350 ft., temperatures up to 285°F, and working pressures up to 600 PSI.

DP Pumps prioritizes customization and offers a range of options including:

Motor Choices: Various voltages, frequencies, enclosures (ODP, TEFC, EXP), insulation class F, NEMA C Face,
and inverter-rated options.

Versatile Casings: V and VS designs with collars, dual drain ports, and connection options like round slip flanges and oval flanges
with FNPT connections.

Smart Features: Separate suction and discharge pressure measurement, stainless steel construction, by-pass options,
and quick vent plugs.

Low NPSH Options: Available on specific models for improved performance in challenging conditions.

Furthermore, DP Pumps provides the DP Select Software, a comprehensive tool for pump selection, comparison with other manufacturers, and access to CAD drawings and variable speed options. This commitment to providing versatile and reliable pumping solutions establishes DP Pumps as a leader in the industry.

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